The Great Fraction UN-project.


You need to choose one of three topics.
1. What are Fractions
2. Adding and Subtracting Fractions
3. Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
You must become an expert in your topic. If I was an alien and you had to teach me everything about your topic how would you do it?
You have to be convincing and know your topic.

Possible UN-Projects

Some presentation options are the following;
1. Make a game
More online game creation sites
Power Point Game Template
2.Create an online quiz that would be good for reviewing.
3.Create a song with lyrics that talk about your subject. If you remember the old sesame street this could be an option for you.

4. Make a screen cast or a set of slides to explain your topic

5. Make a movie of you and your friends acting out your topic.

6. Create a wiki and post everything that you need to know

7. Choose anything….. just make sure that you are explaining your topic. You must clear your choice of project by me first. Once you have the OK you can get started.

Due Dates

This project can be done alone or with one partner. If you have a partner you are responsible to work as a team. Once you are a group you are stuck with your partner.
Final due date April 5th. This is lots of time and you are expected to do a good job. Do something at the last minute and you will get a mark that reflects this work. This project is worth 10% of your term 3 mark. Do well on this project and you are on the way to getting a great term 3 mark.
Other important Dates
Other important dates
  • Project has to be chosen March 5
  • Progress report 1 March 16
  • Progress report 2 March 23
  • Final due date April 5
All projects will be published to a wiki. What ever you are creating you need to be prepared to have it put on the web.